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Sixth Great Extinction

Humans are the driving force behind the Sixth Great Extinction of species


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Hunting in National Parks in Australia: politics and the possibility of a multispecies democracy Hunting in National Parks in Australia: politics and the possibility of a multispecies democracy   By Anne Kreller

Like other former British colonies, Australia has been part of the long international movement to create national parks. The first in Australia was created in 1879, and by 1967, the NSW Government had passed the National Parks and Wildlife Act. Importantly, the Australian Constitution is silent about the natural world, and management of nature is tacitly given to the state governments. It is impossible to ignore the fact that states have always had the right to decide who can or cannot access these spaces, and even who or what lives or dies there. National parks have been important sites for diverse issues of class, politics, race, power and economics. Hunting is a continuation of this dynamic. MORE...

In Predatory Light In Predatory Light   REVIEW BY ZOE KRASNEY

The photography and text filling the pages of In Predatory Light: Lions and Tigers and Polar Bears haunt like the dissolving edges of a gripping dream. This new book by art and conservation power couple Cyril Christo and Marie Wilkinson pays tribute to a shocking truth: On the cusps of this fragile planet, the great predators are dying. They take with them something so intrinsic to humanity we may not see it anymore. MORE...

Fact or Fiction: Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil Fact or Fiction: Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil   BY KATHRYN PARDO

Recently, thanks in part to the work of Voices for Biodiversity, monstrous, forest-chomping companies like Asia Pulp and Paper and their relatives in the palm oil industry, Golden Agri Resources, both made pledges to adopt zero net deforestation policies in their work. Even Wilmar Group, previously criticized widely as the worst corporation for transparency, made a similar pledge, as all three companies signed up with The Forest Trust to improve their approach to sustainable environmental management. But can we do more? MORE...

Sea Turtles of the Yucatan Peninsula Sea Turtles of the Yucatan Peninsula   BY BRAD NAHILL

Sea turtles in Mexico face many threats, including consumption of their eggs and meat and – perhaps more there than anywhere else in the world – coastal tourism development. Despite being in a protected area, Santuario de la Tortuga Marina Xcacel-Xcacelito, the pristine beaches and favorite nesting site X’cacel continues to face the threat of resort development along its pristine shoreline. MORE...

The Bones of Extinction at the Ivory Crush The Bones of Extinction at the Ivory Crush   BY LYSANDER CHRISTO

In November, 2013, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service stood vigil over an unprecedented event in the United States: the crushing of six tons of illegal ivory seized from poachers and smugglers. At the event was seven-year-old Lysander Christo, the only child witness to this momentous occasion. Here, he talks about this touching experience in his own words. MORE...

The Bones of Contention: stopping the elephantine genocide The Bones of Contention: stopping the elephantine genocide   BY CYRIL CHRISTO

In November, 2013, photographer and poet Cyril Christo traveled to Colorado with his family to watch the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service demolish six tons of illegal ivory in hopes of delivering a message to elephant poachers and smugglers throughout the world: ivory is no longer profitable. Here, Cyril tells his story and pleads with the rest of humanity to act now to save these charismatic giants. MORE...


The Sixth Great Extinction

We're facing what may possibly be the greatest extinction of species since the birth of our planet. Learn more...

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